Schmidolin’s fantastic snow adventures
The friendly Schmitten Dragon visited his Funslope!

A Funslope with an unbelievable length of 1.3 kilometers?! When Schmitten Dragon Schmidolin heard this, the mascot of the Schmittenhöhe immediately knew where he wanted to spend this winter. At the XXL Funslope Schmitten! No one will ever get bored when being surrounded by dozens of obstacles and surprises. We take you on a rapid Fun Ride!

Together with Schmidolin, we approach the start of the Funslope. And it starts fast: We pick up speed, before we race into the first banked curve. The first highlight is right ahead: The Fun Twister! We take a fast loop and continue this adventurous ride. We dash over the bridge, pass the xylophone and enter the snow tunnel! Two nicely shaped banked curves follow, and we already reach Schmidolin’s favorite obstacle! The Slope Cop measures every snow adventurer’s speed who races through his speed trap. Yet, there’s much more to come even when poor Schmidolin’s thighs already start burning. Now it’s time for clapping some High Fives and carving through some more banked curves. Two Fun Twisters are on the menu. Yes, you heard that right, the Funslope Schmitten is home to three Fun Twisters! Once they are mastered, the final part of the XXL Funslope is coming up. Four steep curves give technical riders the chance to impress with nice turns. A big High Five from Slopy - the nice Funslope mascot - sets up the grande finale. This is “already” the end of Funslope Schmitten. Schmidolin’s highlights are for sure the Fun Twisters, the Slope Cop and of course the fabulous length of the Fun Ride at Schmittenhöhe! What are we doing next? We ride the Funslope Schmitten again of course!

Because there, joyful runs are guaranteed! Everyone who’d like to take a closer look at the ski area Schmitten, should definitely check out their website, their Instagram account or their Facebook page. But the Funslopes Facebook- and Instagram channel are always worth a visit too! We are looking forward to seeing you at the Funslope Schmitten!

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