About Funslopes

The concept of skiing and snowboarding has changed a lot in the past years. Back in the days, it was photos of perfectly prepared slopes and fresh deep powder hillsides that attracted winter sports enthusiasts to visit the mountains. Nowadays, however, spectacular videos of reckless extreme sports athletes dominate the media. The motivation has changed. Guests want adventures and real experiences in the mountains.

The company Young Mountain Marketing, originally an expert for extreme sports concepts, soon recognised the customers’ need for fun concepts. With their brand Funslopes, they created a genius product for modern ski resorts and their guests. The masters of snowpark construction and extreme sports marketing have had a successful history as the biggest suppliers of freestyle park concepts in the Alps for more than 10 years when they realised that there was a massive void that needed to be filled.

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 Funslopes are unique facilities that guarantee fun beyond regular slope skiing for young and old, pro racer or beginner. Simple yet spectacular obstacles create the perfect combination of speed and fun rides. Funslopes are a true highlight for the entire family because, unlike traditional race courses, there is always a new way to master an obstacle. Thus the fun factor remains unabated for more than just three runs.

“Fun For Everyone” is the motto of the Funslopes and hence the most important part of their concepts. These concepts were exclusively createdby professionals who have been working in the field for years and gained a vast amount of experience over the time. Daily maintenance and safety checks guarantee the flawless quality. Funslopes make sure that boredom is not an option during a skiing trip – neither for grandma nor for the grandchildren.