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Funslope & Funcross Safety Rules with WIDI | Funmountain Gurgl

Arne from ski patrol Obergurgl and Widi, the mascot of the Funmountain Gurgl present the Funslope Safety Rules! Safe & funny through our Funslope and Familypark!

Film Credit: Bernhard Poscher / Young Mountain

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Safety First – Having lots of fun on the Fun Mountain Gurgl

“Hey WIDI! Look, this is how we behave correctly when riding the Funslope. Let’s go for a run and discuss the FIS rules step by step!”, says Arne to WIDI.

Together with Arne from ski Patrol, WIDI, the Ötztaler Mountain Aries, took a closer look at the Familypark and Funslope safety rules. Because only if these are followed, maximum fun can be guaranteed at our fun facilities.

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Safely & Funny through Funcross & Funslope

To guarantee maximum fun in our fun facilities, it's worth taking a look at our FIS rules at the park entrance of Funslope & Funcross. The rules are not only intended to contribute to your safety, but above all to guarantee fun. Together with piste manager Bernhard Schupfer, mountain bunny Hopsi took a closer look at the safety rules. Let's goooo:

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