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Taming Snowcats

When the ski/snowboard day is coming to an end and the winter sports enthusiasts slowly make their way home, the working day for our heroes of the night begins. The job behind the gearsticks of the snowcat is highly valued and much desired. In their capable hands lies the perfect shape of our snowparks, funcross & funslopes. Day in and day out, the facilities have to be prepared so that the quality, fun & flow are given for the skiers and snowboarders of the respective facility.

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Your Fun Ride at the Matterhorn!

The Matterhorn – no one can escape its fascination. Neither locals nor guests and Funslopes least of all. This winter is the first one for the Funslope Zermatt, the new Funslopes project at the most iconic peak of the Swiss Alps. This Funslope completes the all-round fun package at Matterhorn ski paradise. Join us for a ride!

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Funslopes – A Profession with snow fun guarantee

We count the year 2019. Eight years have passed since the first Funslope opened its gates for curious snow adventurers and motivated alpine pioneers. In this period of time, Funslopes became a fixed part of the Alps. How we achieved that, you ask? With innovation, professionalism and lots of fun!

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Funslope Photo Quest

Here you can find all dates for the funslope photoquest!