Terms & Conditions

Limitation of Liability

YMM takes no responsibility for links on portals, which lead to any pages of the world wide web. YMM cannot be held responsible in any ways for contents which users create in chats, forums and the like and reserves the right to delete objectionable contents. The contents will be examined on a random basis and any account / user right can be blocked or suspended any time.



YMM organizes contests and lotteries on the base of voluntary participation. Employees of YMM as well as their family members are excluded from participation.  The drawing of the winner happens without possibility of recourse to legal action. Multiple entries will be deleted automatically. The data provided by the participants can be used by YMM and the client for getting into contact with the participants as well as to provide them with interesting offers, information and advertising material of our partners. YMM will in no ways pass on data to externals, except for internal use for our customers and partners. 


Personal Data

Every user reserves the right to delete his / her account that he created by participating in a lottery at any time. Also YMM reserves its right to delete a registered user irrevocably for reasons considered important by YMM. The users commit themselves to provide data correctly, properly and accurately. Passwords as well as other login information must not be given to third parties. Every user is accountable for an unauthorized usage of his / her account. Costs applying for the internet access are not part of the services offered by YMM and each user has to cover his / her own internet costs.


Event calendar

YMM is not taking any responsibility for cases in which incorrect information might appear on www.funslopes.com or in any published software. For media carriers, products and photos being sent in unsolicited, YMM is not taking any responsibility, but the entries will be checked upon randomly.