Family Funslope Grächen

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The name already tells it all: The Family Funslope Grächen is all about fun for everyone in the family! Located next to the T-bar lift Paradiesli at the Hannigalp, it is quick and easy to reach. New snow adventures are just around the corner!

The fun starts with a high five for the giant hand, which greets you at the beginning of the Family Funslope. The ride continues with snow waves and dynamic banked turns, until the first highlight comes into view: The giant Fun Twister! Whirl around once and leave the Fun Twister through the tunnel!

But the fun is not over yet: More snow waves, banked turns, a bridge and the new butter box in the shape of a smartphone are waiting for you! A smartphone-butter box? Yes, that’s right! Next up: A tunnel leading you under the Skimovie race track! Downhill position, gain speed and off you go through the tunnel.

At the end of the Family Funslope Slopy, our cheeky Funslope mascot, is waiting for you: Give him a high five before you leave! And if you want to go for another ride through the Family Funslope, the T-bar lift Paradiesli brings you right back to the start!