Funslope Diedamskopf

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This year again, the ski resort in Vorarlberg offers the highest skiing pleasure with its exciting Funslope Diedamskopf. Numerous swift waves, steep curves full of vim and vigor and other highlights, like the gigantic Fun Twister, surely make for varied snow fun for the young and those who stayed young at heart, for beginners and for pros. See you soon in the Funslope Diedamskopf – we are looking forward to seeing you!

 Up for a little test run? We start in the first part of the Funslope Diedamskopf and immediately sweep over some swift waves, into steep curves and start getting a feeling for the Funslope, before we rush into the second part of the track after some loose swings. Here we accelerate at the Speedboost for the following obstacle which is a combination of steep curve and wave. Here we have the agony of choice, because at the highlight of the Funslope you have two exciting possibilities to choose from:

Either swirling through the gigantic Fun Twister, giving the cushioned hand a high five and riding over the last banked turn and waves into the goal; or you go around the Fun Twister and ride over numerous wave runs and playful steep curves towards the finishing line. No matter which choice you take, at the end the mascot Slopy will be waiting for you to give you a high five. You can’t decide which one of these two possibilities is more fun? No problem at all: The “8er-Gondelbahn” brings you to the start so you can start a second exciting round!