Funslope Großarltal

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220630 grossarl fs clean

Welcome to the Funslope Großarltal, the big highlight for the little ones at the ski resort Großarltal-Dorfgastein. The funny sound effects, the life-size figures that are waiting for numerous high fives and many more varied snow obstacles will put a smile on the faces of the whole family. Come on over and experience an unforgettable snow adventure!

Clip on your skiers or snowboard, crouch down and slide into the Funslope Großarltal! First you ride up and down over the funny Wave Run and then, bada boom bada bing, through the tunnel of snow. As soon as you see daylight again, don’t forget to stretch out your arm and give the big cushioned hand a high five. It will reward you with cool sounds. After that you can slide over a box and you are already jumping in the direction of the finish line. Now you ride over a Wave Run once more and head towards our mascot Slopy who is also waiting for your high five. Before you reach the finish line, you rush over some swift banked curves and then into the goal. Whoever can’t get enough of our Funslope simply takes the T-bar lift “Kreuzhöhe” and starts another fun ride. Enjoy!

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.