Funslope Hochwurzen

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Snow, fun and adventure – that’s what the Funslope Hochwurzen holds for you! Get on a wintery journey through the Funslope and discover dynamic steep turns, humpy snow waves, mysterious snow tunnels and whirling Fun Twisters. On your expedition you’ll also meet Slopy, our Funslope mascot. So, grab your skis or snowboard and visit the Funslope Hochwurzen!

We drop into the Funslope Hochwurzen and off we go! At first we glide over the Speedboost where fun sounds and the speed we gain prepare us for the starting fun ride. We fly over the snow wave, through a steep turn, and speed into the snow tunnel. Now we shake down the step run before going up and down on the double wave run before heading on to one of the highlights of Funslope Hochwurzen: the Funslope 8, where the Funslope visitor has to choose whether he goes left or right. Anyway, fun is guaranteed! As soon as we have untangled ourselves from the Funslope 8, we ride over some snow waves and swift banked turns before sliding over the beginner box. Now we are heading towards the finish line: We whirl through the Fun Twister and give Slopy, the mascot, a high-five. If you can’t get enough of this kind of snow adventure, just get on the “Sunjet” and start the next round through the Funslope.