Funslope Hochwurzen

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220629 hochwurzen fs clean

The Funslope Hochwurzen stands for snow, fun and adventure! Take a winter journey through a fun snow-course and discover playful banked turns, bumpy snow waves, mystical Snow Tunnels and the gigantic Fun Twister made of snow. Another Funslope highlight is its mascot Slopy. The funny Funslope dweller is looking forward to meeting you at Funslope Hochwurzen.

Dive into Funslope Hochwurzen and off you go! Right away, the Speedboost makes sure that every snow adventurer has the right pace. Listen to the fun sound as you ride over the box and get ready for the first banked turn. Now the mystical Snow Tunnel follows, before you have to master the next dynamic banked turn. After the funny snow waves, the clumsy Funslope dweller Slopy welcomes you. Shake his hand while you pass him and wait for his reaction. Now it’s time for the Funslope’s highlight: the Funslope 8. This obstacle will literally turn you upside down. Here, the Funslope adventurers are spoilt for choice. Left or right? No matter what you go for, it’ll be a fun course. As soon as you made your way out of the snowy maze, more snow waves and banked turns are waiting for you. The big hoop race is the entry gate to the gigantic Fun Twister. Here, the snow experience becomes even more spectacular. Skiers and snowboarders get whirled around and pass a tunnel. Then, the course leads to the final obstacle – the fun box - and releases you with a big jump! One more round? Take the “Obertalbahn” lift and you’ll be at the entrance of the Funslope Hochwurzen in no time.

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.