Funslope La Plagne

Allez, allez! You can hear people rejoicing about the highlight in La Plagne even down in the valley: At 2,330 meters above sea level, there lies the world’s longest Funslope – a must-try for the whole family.

Riding through a long snow tunnel and over small and big waves and swirling through the fun twister while listening to funny sounds and noises – that’s how to describe slope fun in La Plagne. Over a length of 1,450 meters also our smallest guests get a lot to discover. On the speedboost you should gather as much pace as possible and if you are brave enough you can jump over some kickers. They are just waiting for you to ride over them. That way the Funslope La Plagne puts a smile in every child’s and every person’s face who stayed young at heart. You can reach this exceptional winter enjoyment with all together 31 elements with the Arpette lift.