Funslope Schmitten

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Welcome to the Funslope Schmitten XXL! Here, all beginners and pros find the perfect variation to the usual carving fun. Some swift waves, numerous dynamic steep turns and not one or two but three Fun Twisters will definitely bring a smile to your face. Together with many other highlights, the Funslope Schmitten really leaves nothing to wish for. See you soon, we are looking forward to your fun ride!

Off we go into the Funslope Schmitten! We start with two banked waves, high five the giant cushioned hand and gather some speed for the first Fun Twister whilst riding through the dynamic banked turn. We get whirled through the huge pile of snow shaped like a twister and head on straight to the bridge. Now we pass numerous exciting obstacles with funny sounds, swift steep turns and snow waves. But be warned – our brand-new Slopecop is lying in ambush somewhere in the upper part of the Funslope! Armed with a radar gun, he lets you know whether you are going too fast and gives out a funny scolding.

The lower section of the Funslope Schmitten XXL is packed with highlights as well: Fun Twister number two and three. These two monsters out of snow are placed right after one another and promise double the fun for all Funslope-friends. At the end, we ride through a snow tunnel, carve through some banked turns and gather some speed on the Speedboost for the final sprint, where we find mascot Slopy enthusiastically high-fiving all happy riders. You cannot wait for the next round? No problem, the “Schmiedhoflift” takes you back to the start in no time! If you want to take some of the fun back home, we have got you covered as well. Simply download the SpotOn-App onto your smartphone, follow the instructions, show your best smile and the permanently-installed SpotOn cameras will film your fun ride via GPS tracking.

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.