Funslope St. Anton

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A little fun is not enough: Funslope St. Anton

This winter again St. Anton will increase the fun in the snow even more with the Funslope St. Anton! We’ll tell you now what a Funslope is and why you shouldn’t miss out on it.

Just what is this, what’s curling along the slope there? Are those UFO tracks in the snow or even a message coming from the aliens? Not at all, it’s the fun twister, a part of the Funslope St. Anton, which is very eye-catching. Absolutely everybody can spin their laps here – the young, the younger and the ones young at heart - without needing any special previous knowledge. But that’s far from being all which can be found in the Funslope St. Anton: there are lots of waves, banked turns as well as the speedboost and the two new high fives with sound effects that are providing plenty of fun!

Try out the Funslope St. Anton right away during your next visit on the Arlberg!