Funslope Turracher Höhe

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One of the highlights at the Turracher Höhe is the Funslope: At a length of 1,5 kilometres it’s one of the world’s longest Funslopes and offers you the XXL-package of fun! The Funslope is located by the “Schafalmsessellift“, with banked turns, snow waves, snow tunnels and mascot Slopy along the slope letting everyone leave with a smile. To start, the Speedboost brings you up to Funslope speed. Dashing over snow waves you’re on your way to the next challenge: The Hoop Race. The best tactics to succeed here? Crouch down and cruise through all hoops. Before you arrive at the Fun Twister, there are a lot more banked turns ahead. Then, the Fun Twister whirls you around. But the fun is not over yet: More banked turns, mellow snow waves and spectacular snow tunnels! A very exciting part: The new rafting run! A combination of banked turns and snow waves, there aremany ways to cross the rafting run. And, of course, Slopy, the cheeky Funslope mascot is around as well: Don’t forget to give him a high five!

Searching for a rapid snow adventure? We’ll see you at the XXL Funslope!

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.