The Funslope Wildkogel

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Funslope Wildkogel - Wild about snow fun!

In this season the Wildkogel Arena awaits you with some great specials. The brand-new Family Fun Area features not only a Familypark but also an awesome Funslope. And as the name gives away, the latter is all about fun while skiing and the joy of winter sports.

Upcoming season, you will find a new highlight for the entire family next to the ski lift Wolkenstein, the t-bar lift Braunkogel and the chairlift Gensbichlalm. The track will amaze you with its exciting fun features and it’s rideable in two different ways.

You start the swift ride with a dynamic banked turn right before cruising over some snowy waves and dashing into the first special obstacle. The giant Fun Twister whirls you around and off you go into the next banked turn, through the snow tunnel and across a couple of sporty snow waves. That’s when the first part of the other start into the Funslope joins in on the fun. The second entrance is located a tad beneath the first one and starts with a Speedboost which boosts you to the right Funslope-speed. Perfectly accelerated, the slope leads you through some banked turns to a snow wave, where both ways merge into one. At the end, you dash through three swift banked turns and over the finish line.

You can’t get enough and want to try both options? Well, then head on to the ski lifts Wolkenstein, Braunkogel or Gensbichlalm and drop into the fun!

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.