Kidsrun Fichtelland

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There is a special highlight for motivated kids to explore in Altenmarkt, the Kidsrun Fichtelland. It’s the perfect location for little sports enthusiasts who just discovered skiing or snowboarding. Riding various waves and steep turns is a real adventure for the visitors. There they can also meet Fichtel the funny Kidsrun Fichtelland dweller.

Let’s take a closer look at the Kidsrun Fichtelland. The snow adventure starts with a ride over the big wave and through two steep turns. Many small waves shake the sporty visitors before they take on two more steep curves. After two big waves, the track leads through the gateway, where Fichtel applauds the successful Kidsrun Fichtelland conquerors at the finish. Prove your skills and slap the funny slope mascot high five. Since this makes him particularly happy, he will come up with some amusing quotes as a reward.