Kidsslope Hintertux

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A fun course for all curious winter adventurers: That’s the Kidsslope Hintertux! There’s a lot to discover for our youngest guests – and Glacier Flea Luis is around as well!

Situated within the beginner-friendly and flat terrain of the winter ski area Sommerbergalm, the Kidsslope Hintertux takes kids on a fun course off the normal slopes. Right after entering the course, three giant hands welcome everyone with a high-five. One banked turn later, the next highlight is in sight: Two big tunnels, built out of snow! After you’ve passed the tunnels, the next banked turn leads up to two snow waves. There, Glacier Flea Luis is already waiting for you: Make sure to give him a high-five!

But the journey is not over yet: The big snow canyon is still left to be conquered by the fearless adventurers. Snow walls – rising high into the sky – are on either side, leaving a narrow path to ski through. Once the snow canyon lies behind you, skills are necessary: It’s time for the Hoop Race! Crouch down, cruise over the snow waves and dash through the three hoops. That’s the end of the fun course – one more fun ride?

No problem! Getting back to the starting point of the Kidsslope Hintertux is easy: Just take the ski lift Ramsmoos back up the hill.

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.