The Kidsslope Rastkogel

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In the Kidsslope Rastkogel, all junior sportsmen and sportswomen will meet Glacier Flea Luis and experience fun snow adventures as well. And, as a side effect they get to test and improve their skiing abilities in a fun and easy way!

The Kidsslope Rastkogel is the attraction for our youngest skiers and snowboarders at the Ski & Glacier World Zillertal 3000. Here, the youngsters go on an expedition run through snow tunnels and over snow waves accompanied by Glacier Flea Luis.

As you enter the Kidsslope, Glacier Flea Luis welcomes you with outstretched arms: Give him a high-five or even a short handshake – and off you go! The fun ride starts with a banked curve, followed by the first highlight of the ride: A tunnel made of snow. Crouch down, hold the line and ski through the tunnel. Now you’re all set for mastering the next adventure: Three snow waves!

The next banked curve is followed by a musical experience: Slide over the Piano Box – a box with piano keys printed on – and don’t forget to listen carefully! Why? Well, the Piano Box plays various melodies for you.

However, the fun doesn’t end on this musical note: After one more banked turn, you’re ready for a challenge: The Hoop Race! That’s a little race track, with three giant colorful hoops. The best tactics for this challenge? Crouch down in a downhill position and hold the line. And once you’ve successfully finished the Hoop Race, don’t forget to cheer!

Before you reach the finish line, you end your run by racing over one last snow wave. And a high-five for the two huge hands standing alongside the slope – for a successful fun ride through the Kidsslope Rastkogel.

One round wasn’t enough? Just take the T-bar lift Lämmerbichl back to the start of the Kidsslope Rastkogel. And if you want to practice a little bit more before your next ride, head to the beginner-friendly practice area Lämmerbichl close by. Glacier Flea Luis can’t wait to meet you all!