Nocky's WinterZeit - Kidsslope Turracher Höhe

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“Nocky’s WinterZeit“, that’s the Kidsslope at the Turracher Höhe: Our mountain bunny Nocky loves to spend cold winter days here. Together with his friends and our youngest guests he’s having lots of adventures in the Kidsslope. This winter, all the discovery rides through the Kidsslope will become even more of an adventure: The Kidsslope is now located in a new area of the ski resort, next to the “Übungswiesenlift“!

“Nocky’s WinterZeit“ is especially designed to meet the demands of our youngest guests: Playfully, the skills on skis or the snowboard are improved. Mountain bunny Nocky, the weasel and the jackdaw are there to support them. Together with their animal companions, the little adventurers dash through swift banked turns and mellow snow waves, before riding through the mystical snow tunnel and high-fiving Nocky’s cushioned hand.

And for all those who want to ski down the slope one more time: The “Übungswiesenlift“ next to the Kidsslope will bring you back to the start in no time at all!

Head to Nocky’s WinterZeit, the Kidsslope at the Turracher Höhe! Nocky and his friends are already looking forward to dashing through the snow together with all visitors. More information about Nocky’s WinterZeit and the highly.personalized ski resort at the Turracher Höhe can be found via

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.