Skimovie Funslope Gamskogel

151026 Zauchensee Skimovie Oben CLEAN

You’re following every ski and snowboard race on TV and are already working on transparencies right on time for the ski and snowboard season? You’ve always wanted to be “live” on the spot or rather take part in the showdowns? There is the chance to realize your dreams by shooting your own personal action run at the Skimovie Funslope Gamskogel.

For all racers amongst you, the Skimovie Funslope is the perfect stage to show off your skills, and additionally your runs will be recorded on video for your friends and family. While preparing mentally for the ultimate race in the starting gate, all cameras will be activated and focused on the track automatically. The slope in front of you and the obstacles in view, it’s time to get ready! From start to finish, all eyes and lenses are on you while recording your own racing movie. The time will be recorded too, so go go! Battle yourself, hang out and meet like-minded peers and share tips and tricks with other riders. It’s definitely more fun together!