The Beach – Funslope

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Can palm trees take roots in the icy snow of Livigno? At the The Beach – Funslope in Carosello 3000 Livigno several funny obstacles in a summery design are hidden on the more than 1600 meters long track. This makes the The Beach – Funslope not only the most tropical, but also the world’s longest Funslope!

The unique beach walk at 3000 meters above the sea level starts at the mountain station of the gondola “Carosello 3000”. From there, the tropical snow adventure is just a carving turn away. But do not expect cocktails in coconuts or deckchairs. At the The Beach – Funslope some adventurer´s spirit is required! In this wintery beach trip you can surf over quick snow waves and banked turns, give high five to the palm trees leafs, and pass through a giant hoop that will spreads sunset vibes with its unique design. But the big highlight of this Funslope is a sea dweller, who is normally not to be joked with. The great white shark! Its jaw can be admired while driving through the Fun Twisters of the Funslope, without fearing that it will bite you.