For Perfect Fun Rides – PRINOTH and Funslopes

What’s the recipe for a fantastic snow adventure? Speedy snow waves and banked curves are definitely a fixed element of a Funslope. We can’t forget High-Five hands, a speed booster and what would a Fun Ride actually look like without spinning through the Fun Twister? The grand finale is proudly presented by Slopy, our cheeky Funslope dweller. Snow adventurers of course quickly go over, around or through these obstacles, but setting up a Funslope truly is hard work.

This work is executed under the Shape Academy’s highest quality standards. By the way, with over 250 energetic members, the Shape Academy is the biggest shape crew in the world. With the help of shape tools, shovels and their know-how they create these unique Funslopes and turn the days of many skiers and snowboarders out there into a real adventure. But it is impossible to build a gigantic double Fun Twister - like the one standing at the Funslope Schöneben - with bare hands. There, you definitely need the help of a BISON! Yes, that’s right. If you want to build these snow monuments, you need animalistic support by the so-called BISON X. The snowcat by PRINOTH is particularly developed for those missions.

This powerful 400 hp snow grooming vehicle is just perfectly suitable for the construction of Funslopes. “The BISON X is more compact and more maneuverable compared to other machines” according to Roli Winkler – one of the Shape Academy’s most experienced snowcat operators. “Funslopes are tighter than regular runs and they have quite a few changes in direction and turns. That’s when the PRINOTH comes in very handy.” For features like tunnels or the snow house at the Funslope Alta Badia, not only the shovel proved to be helpful: “The rear-view camera in the cockpit is very beneficial when we shape the tunnels. This helps us to work precisely up to the last millimeter.”

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Last March, this high-precision work was tested at the PRINOTH Cup in Ratschings. There, the A-list of snowcat operators showed off their skills and challenged each other. By mastering obstacle courses and tricky tasks, the season’s best operator was chosen. And the winner is a true Shape Academy member. After three different obstacle courses, Roland Hürlimann conquered the podium. The legitimated champion was obviously impressed by the event: “It was definitely good fun to compete in different challenges. It was interesting to see what level I am on and I was of course really happy that I won in the end. It’s awesome that PRINOTH is offering and organizing such an event.”

The Shape Academy definitely put a lot of hard work into Funslopes. The best way to show some appreciation is by racing as often as possible through one of our 59 Funslopes! Find out where to find them here on our website. On our Facebook page and on our Instagram account you can discover photos and videos from different snow adventures.

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