Safely & Funny through Funcross & Funslope
Starring: Mountain Bunny Hopsi & piste manager Bernhard Schupfer

To guarantee maximum fun in our fun facilities, it's worth taking a look at our FIS rules at the park entrance of Funslope & Funcross. The rules are not only intended to contribute to your safety, but above all to guarantee fun. Together with piste manager Bernhard Schupfer, mountain bunny Hopsi took a closer look at the safety rules. Let's goooo:

  1. Take a look at the FIS rules

Before you hop happily into the Funslope or Funcross, get an overview of all 10 rules. That's how much time there has to be!


  1. Maintain distance

Keep a distance of at least 5 hare lengths. This maximises the fun of Speedbooster, Schnecke & Co.


  1. Only stop at safe places

Please do not try to stop at blind spots or immediately before or after the funcross entrance. If you do come to a stop, keep your eyes on the traffic before entering.


  1. Take care when overtaking

Only overtake if the person being overtaken has enough space for all their movements. At a wider place e.g. undulating road or bridge over the tunnel.


  1. Pay attention to the correct posture when speedboosting

With the right posture as well as the right speed, nothing can get in the way of having fun on the Speedbooster.


  1. Master the waves!

If you hop, you lose. Cushioning is the order of the day.


  1. Attention: High Five ahead

The high five with Hopsi is not a boxing match! Hopsi has feelings too, so always high-five with feeling so that Hopsi doesn't lose his rabbit's foot.


     8. Eyes open - watch out for markings

During the run, watch out for signs and signals. The following also applies right at the beginning: Never drive into the enclosed area!


  1. In case of accidents: block obstacle & help

Hooops! Have you witnessed an accident? Then go ahead and block off the accident area and give first aid!


  1. Show consideration for others

It's more fun together! Show consideration for others and the fun factor is guaranteed.

All right! If you follow these 10 little rules, you'll be ready for your ride through the Funslope and Funcross. Don't forget the most important rule: have fun! Hopsi is looking forward to seeing you.

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.

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