Tropical summer feeling in the wintertime? The Beach - Funslope makes it possible!

What are the things everybody needs when going on a skiing trip in Livigno? Helmet and some gloves? Definitely. A skiing suit? No doubt. Snorkel and diving goggles? Of course! The new Funslope at Carosello 3000 turns your skiing day into a walk on the beach at 3000 meters above sea level.

And what a beach walk that is! With its unbelievable length of  more than 1600m, the The Beach – Funslope is not only the most tropical one, but also the world's longest Funslope! Are you ready for a summery snow adventure? Then let´s take the Gondola “Carosello 3000” and get it started!

There, one highlight chases the other. Once you dashed through the tropical hoop, the wintery beach trip can begin! Have a look at these wonderful palm trees, you can even give their leaves a nice high-five! But even if sunsets at the beach and palm trees are the last thing someone would expect when having a skiing trip, the real highlight of this Funslope is someone else. At Carosello 3000 a big sea animal made itself a home: The great white shark! Every brave winter adventurer has to drive through the shark´s jaw in order to enter the Fun Twisters at the Funslope.

The world´s most tropical Funslope is a must-see for every snow adventurer! Where else can you say that you have been slalom through palm trees and carved directly into the jaw of a shark after a skiing trip? Only at the The Beach – Funslope in Carosello 3000 Livigno!

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It’s time to introduce all finalists of this year’s Funslope Photo Quest to you! Each and every one of them won one of our stops and therefore joined the grand finale. Have a look at our participant will be announced by our Funslopes jury on Thursday, April 2!

On February 26th, 2020 we are looking for the photo with the highest fun factor at the Funslope Photo Quest Ehrwald!

Extraordinary tasks need extraordinary performances! The Funslope Schöneben is everything but a normal slope. Features like banked turns, snow waves, Fun Twisters and Speedboosts turn the maintenance of this Fun Ride into a real challenge! The LEITWOLF X by PRINOTH is up to the task.

Extraordinary tasks need extraordinary performances! The Funslope Schöneben is anything but a conventional slope. Snow waves, banked turns and features such as high fives and boxes make grooming a real challenge. The LEITWOLF X from PRINOTH is up to the challenge. Have a look at our video and see why!

The Funslope Diedamskopf is the ideal to spice up your father-son trip to the mountains. The action-packed run with funny and challenging obstacles turns all skiers and snowboarders into snow adventurers. And we have some proof for you - check out what Jonas and his dad Rolf think about the Funslope Diedamskopf.