Tropical summer feeling in the wintertime? The Beach - Funslope makes it possible!

What are the things everybody needs when going on a skiing trip in Livigno? Helmet and some gloves? Definitely. A skiing suit? No doubt. Snorkel and diving goggles? Of course! The new Funslope at Carosello 3000 turns your skiing day into a walk on the beach at 3000 meters above sea level.

And what a beach walk that is! With its unbelievable length of  more than 1600m, the The Beach – Funslope is not only the most tropical one, but also the world's longest Funslope! Are you ready for a summery snow adventure? Then let´s take the Gondola “Carosello 3000” and get it started!

There, one highlight chases the other. Once you dashed through the tropical hoop, the wintery beach trip can begin! Have a look at these wonderful palm trees, you can even give their leaves a nice high-five! But even if sunsets at the beach and palm trees are the last thing someone would expect when having a skiing trip, the real highlight of this Funslope is someone else. At Carosello 3000 a big sea animal made itself a home: The great white shark! Every brave winter adventurer has to drive through the shark´s jaw in order to enter the Fun Twisters at the Funslope.

The world´s most tropical Funslope is a must-see for every snow adventurer! Where else can you say that you have been slalom through palm trees and carved directly into the jaw of a shark after a skiing trip? Only at the The Beach – Funslope in Carosello 3000 Livigno!

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