Your Fun Ride at the Matterhorn!
Join us for some quick turns through the Funslope Zermatt

The Matterhorn – no one can escape its fascination. Neither locals nor guests and Funslopes least of all. This winter is the first one for the Funslope Zermatt, the new Funslopes project at the most iconic peak of the Swiss Alps. This Funslope completes the all-round fun package at Matterhorn ski paradise. Join us for a ride!

You’re starting - how could it be different - with a lot of pace and the maximum amount of fun over the speedboost. The next couple of turns are made for all carving specialists out there. Fluent and banked turns give you a wonderful carving experience. Next Stop: Fun Twister. Whirl around, rush through the snow tunnel and just like that, the impressive snow construct is behind you. But you haven’t reached the end of the Funslope Zermatt yet, there is still so much to explore! Give a high five to Slopy - the Funslopes mascot - fly high over the jump and test your skills on the snow waves.

Funslope Zermatt – Another gem of the Shape Academy

The snow facility in Zermatt is not only an outstanding Funslope, it is also a prestige project for the Shape Academy! The Academy organizes the crew behind every Funslope in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and Austria and is therefore the world’s biggest shape crew! In this video, you’ll get a glance at how they built the Funslope Zermatt.

Besides the breathtaking panorama and every single one of the 360 piste kilometers, Matterhorn ski paradise has now another highlight to offer. So, let’s stop hesitating and get onto the Matterhorn and into the Funslope!

More Stuff

On February 26th, 2020 we are looking for the photo with the highest fun factor at the Funslope Photo Quest Ehrwald!

Extraordinary tasks need extraordinary performances! The Funslope Schöneben is everything but a normal slope. Features like banked turns, snow waves, Fun Twisters and Speedboosts turn the maintenance of this Fun Ride into a real challenge! The LEITWOLF X by PRINOTH is up to the task.

Extraordinary tasks need extraordinary performances! The Funslope Schöneben is anything but a conventional slope. Snow waves, banked turns and features such as high fives and boxes make grooming a real challenge. The LEITWOLF X from PRINOTH is up to the challenge. Have a look at our video and see why!

The Funslope Diedamskopf is the ideal to spice up your father-son trip to the mountains. The action-packed run with funny and challenging obstacles turns all skiers and snowboarders into snow adventurers. And we have some proof for you - check out what Jonas and his dad Rolf think about the Funslope Diedamskopf.

Casa from Spain and Nick from Great Britain obviously have a great time at the Funslope Diedamskopf. No matter if you're going through this fun course on skis or on the snowboard, you'll definitely enjoy this fun ride. Check out how the boys show little tricks at the Funslope Diedamskopf.

Ski instructor Noah enjoys riding the Funslope Diedamskopf together with his junior students. Especially the snow tunnel is a highlight for the kids, but also the banked turns, all the snow waves and the Speed Boost guarantee smiley faces. Have a look! 

Join us for a fun ride through the Funslope Schöneben, an action packed track with so many exciting features! Our conclusion after spending a day in this special slope: The Funslope Schöneben is a must-see in Reschen!