Funslope Photo Quest Schöneben - 14.02.2019

On February 14, 2019 we are again looking for the photo with the highest fun factor. If you love to slide over wave runs and steep curves, you´re at the right place. From 10:00 to 12:00 our Funslopes-photographer takes photos of everyone riding down the Funslope. In the evening, you can find the photos on our facebook page – tag yourself and participate. The following Voting decides who wins the Funslope Photo Quest Schöneben and a helmet from TSG.

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We count the year 2019. Eight years have passed since the first Funslope opened its gates for curious snow adventurers and motivated alpine pioneers. In this period of time, Funslopes became a fixed part of the Alps. How we achieved that, you ask? With innovation, professionalism and lots of fun!

Sports, friendship and career? You can have it all!

Dashing through the Funslope together with Slopy, getting cool action photos at the Photo Quest or turning a day of skiing with the family into a real snow adventure. The season 2018/19 brought us so many highlights and we want to reminisce about a few of them!

Join us for a ride through the Funslope Vercorin Major Park by Raiffeisen. No matter if you´re a passionate racer or a beginner - this Funslope is fun for everyone!

In total, 15 photos joined the raffle for the final voting of the Funslope Photo Quest 2018/19! Now, the honorable election is over, and we have a champion!

In this clip, our Shaper Flo tells you something about the Funslope Zauchensee.

Check out the clip and find out what is expecting you at the Funslope Zauchensee!

15 times this year, we sent our professional photographers into 10 different skiing resorts. Their mission? Taking the Funslope photo of the year! Doing that, they shot hundreds of cool action pics and you chose your 15 favorites for the grand finale!