The Funslope Hintertux

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Dynamic banked turns, snow waves and two gigantic Fun Twisters made of snow – that’s what you can expect from your snow adventures at the Funslope Hintertux, located in the winter ski area Sommerbergalm. 

For the beginning of the fun course you need to gain some speed: The fun for everyone starts with a ride over some snow waves. Up and down, then you need to slow down a bit before you dash through the banked turn and soon you’ll see one of the highlights of the Funslope: The speedboost will help out everyone missing a bit of speed after gliding over snow waves and dashing through the banked turn – with turbo-sounds included! Now you’re at Funslope-speed! After the following banked turns, your muscles are starting to feel warm and ready for the next obstacle. Twirl through the first Fun Twister, dash through a tunnel, and meet Slopy: Slopy is our cheeky Funslope mascot. Who wants to give him a high-five?

Now it is up to you to decide: You can follow two different variations of the course through the Funslope. If you go left, you are going through a banked curve before heading straight to some snow waves. Once you have passed them, a snow-canyon is waiting for you to be conquered. Big white walls to your left and right– and you are going straight through it! But the fun is not over yet: You dash over another three snow waves, where you clap the cushioned high fives. And one banked curve later, you will already find yourself on the crossing over the snow tunnel. Because the ones who have picked the right track and did not go through the canyon, will leave it behind and after the banked turn they continue straight to the tunnel.

Now, the finish line isn’t far anymore. Fast and sporty, you are leaving the tunnel behind and head towards the wavy track. For all of you, who have chosen the crossing above the tunnel, things get colourful and entertaining. You will slide over a curved box and conquer a bridge, before you take on your last dynamic snow waves. Now, the two tracks become one again and it’s time to get ready for the last highlight. The grand finale of the Funslope Hintertux is the second giant Fun Twister! Once again, you get whirled around before you say goodbye to the big hand, which is waving at you as you leave the Funslope.

You can’t get enough of the Funslope and want to try both variations? No problem - just have the chairlift “4er Tuxerjoch” quickly take you back to the Funslope start and restart the action!

Here we would like to show you a Vimeo video.