Die Funslope Pizol

220810 pizol fs oben clean
220810 pizol fs clean

It will again be incredibly exciting, varied, racy and thrilling this winter in the Funslope Pizol. Regardless of whether one prefers skis or a snowboard under his feet, or even snow bikes, Telemark bindings or snowskates – there is no time to lose. Get your equipment out of the garage and up to the Pizol mountain!

The new snow adventure track starts right below the Pizol cottage: Right at the start you’ll meet Slopy, the native dweller of the Funslopes. He will personally greet everyone who gives him a high-five. After the first steep curve you have the agony of choice: left or right? No matter which side you choose: the humpy double wave run is going to thrill you.

You’ll be whirled up and down many more steep curves and waves. These are in parts equipped with high fives – be sure to take the curves perfectly as only then you can slap them. In case it doesn’t work: Don’t worry! The SAC-lift brings all seekers of adrenaline straight back to the starting gate of the Funslope at 2,200 meters above sea level to make sure that one exciting run in the 650 meters long Funslope Pizol follows the next.