The Funslope Valbella

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 After last year’s successful launch of the Funslope Bormio, winter 2018/19 will come along with a great addition – the Funslope Valbella. That means you get to choose between two exciting obstacle courses at the Fun Mountain Bormio. The funny Slope-Cop near the Bormio 3000 top station will check the speed of every adventurous winter athlete of any age. So, what are you waiting for? Hit the mountain and enjoy the vertical fun!

We start by cruising through a red entrance gate from where we can already see the first obstacle. Off we dash towards the first wavesUp and down and up and down we joyfully cruise across the flowy snow bumps. Completely focused, we clap the gigantic hand which is waiting for us as we ride down the course.

Now we are all warmed-up, and ready to continue our adventurous run: We dash through banked curves and rapidly turn left and right. After the last turn, we already spot the next dynamic waves

After having ridden across the swift waves our eyes widen. Because in the distance we can see the silhouette of a figure – who might that be? It is the sheriff of the Funslope Valbella, the Slope Cop! He is well equipped with his speedometer and is always searching for fast riders rushing towards the finishing line. He immediately “punishes“ us by commenting on our rapid ride with funny sound effects and on his speed display he lets us know how fast we go. Eventually, we rush past the Slope-Cop and across the finish line of the Funslope Valbella.