Funslope Ehrwald – Your Fun Ride at the family skiing resort

Many different characters, one Funslope. We joined exotic birds of paradise, agile winter athletes and those, who are still learning, on their ride through the Funslope Ehrwald. We wanted to know, what their personal highlight was. The answers were just as varied as the Funslope itself!

It´s a typical scenario at a family skiing day: As soon as everyone got inside the gondola, everybody wants to do something different. The big brother wants to learn new tricks on his snowboard, but his little sister is more into rushing through a track with funny figures and surprises. Dad can´t wait to show off with his gnarly carving turns and mom just wants to hop over fun little jumps. How could they ever spend their day together at the Ehrwalder Alm? In the Funslope of course! Let´s have a closer look at all the different aspects of the Funslope Ehrwald.

No boredom to be found

Funslopes are full of surprises. Especially the one at the Ehrwalder Alm. At a length of 650m, many special obstacles are hidden: Beginning with 5 snow waves, already the start of the Funslope Ehrwald will turn your skiing day into a snow adventure. In case the bouncy up and down isn´t enough fun, we put two High Fives and a Speedboost on our snow waves. Once you gained enough speed there, your next stop is the Fun Twister. After whirling around in there, you´re heading towards three wonderfully shaped banked turns. Then, the Funslope 8 is waiting for you. This special obstacle can be ridden in two different ways! To round up your fun ride, give DIDI the Jackdaw a High Five right before reaching the end of the Funslope Ehrwald. It is hard to choose just one favorite obstacle out of all these fantastic snow surprises. For Jesse and his siblings, every feature is a highlight on its own:

The Funslope as training ground

Skiing instructor David and his beginner group are the next guests we join for a run through the Funslope Ehrwald. Why the Funslope is perfect for beginners? Because it´s a fun place to learn how to ski! “It is the perfect exercise”, David says. “They have to counterbalance when going up and down on the snow waves. Further down, there are boxes where they need to stand on the skis very straight and when they go into the curves, they can gain more speed. They have to use the edges in order to master the turns.” You can see that the skiing group has fun, and that’s the most important thing when you´re skiing!

First boardslides in your Fun Ride

Bura has mastered the snowboard on normal slopes and is now searching for another challenge: “I like the Funslope, because it got a box with sound”, the motivated Dutchman explains. “Also, the tunnels are really cool!” By the way, the Funslope Ehrwald has three of them! At his ride through the Funslope, Bura shows us a stylish Frontside Boardslide and happily jumps through the track.

No angry birds, just happy ones

DIDI the Jackdaw is at least as happy as Bura when he is skiing through the Funslope. The mascot of the Erwalder Alm visits the family skiing resort once a week. At the special Meet & Greets, DIDI stops at every Fun Facility of Ehrwald. But the Funslope always was one of DIDIs favorite places. And the funny bird isn´t alone with this opinion, can you find the pink flamingo in our video?

Whether it´s an exotic bird or a real carving pro: In the Funslope Ehrwald, everybody will enjoy a nice skiing day. Whoever wants to have more info about the skiing resort Ehrwalder Alm and its Funslope, should have a look at their Facebook Page and Instagram Account. If you want to know more about other Funslopes and where you find them, should visit us on Facebook and Instagram. Until then, see you in the Funslope Ehrwald!


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