Funslopes – A Profession with snow fun guarantee
Your Fun Rides are heading into season number 9!

We count the year 2019. Eight years have passed since the first Funslope opened its gates for curious snow adventurers and motivated alpine pioneers. In this period of time, Funslopes became a fixed part of the Alps. How we achieved that, you ask? With innovation, professionalism and lots of fun!

From zero to hero – what started out with the idea of bringing a completely new experience to the mountains, became one of the most successful projects in the Alps. 62 Funslopes are currently spread across the Alpine region in Austria, Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland. The Funslopes family has grown once again! Let´s give a warm welcome to the Albert Adler Tour in Mayrhofen and the Funslopes in Belalp, Bergeralm, Helm, Rotwand and Zermatt! With the Funslope Zermatt, the brand Funslopes has finally reached the Matterhorn! But the highest peak of Switzerland is still not enough! We´ll stay as ambitious as ever and keep on working on new ideas and innovations in order to improving Your Fun Ride!

funslope zermatt overview
funslope zermatt aufbau tunnel
funslope zermatt aufbau

Our friends from the Shape Academy did a great job: The Funslope Zermatt is already open!

Not only fun and giggles – there´s more behind Funslopes

To be honest, it´s a combination of hard work, professionalism and a lot of know-how that was collected over several years. XXL Funslopes, as they can be seen in Schöneben, Gastein, Gurgl, Schladming and so on aren´t built in a day. These special facilities are designed, built and maintained by the professionals of the Shape Academy, who make sure that the Funslope brings a smile to everyone´s face while meeting the highest safety- and quality standards. That´s what differs Funslopes from other facilities.

funslope hintertux panorama
funslope kitzbuehel panorama
funslope wildkogel panorama

The Funslopes in Hintertux, Kitzbühel and Wildkogel are real beauties!

Well-tried and always a success – The Funslopes Photo Quest

What would Funslopes be without the Photo Quest? Surely not as much fun. That’s why the famous event series is once again an important part of the season 2019/20. The idea remains the same: Our photographers make themselves comfortable in several of our Funslopes and take pictures of snow adventurers. Besides getting cool action pics for free, all participants also have the chance to win cool prices!

schoeneben funslope photo quest felix pirker

We want to see your most creative poses at the Funslope Photo Quest!

Slopy – Our Funslopes mascot is ready!

When Funslopes head into a new season, Slopy cannot be missed! Our blue friend will spread fun and joy this winter once again. But what does Slopy do when there´s no snow? We visited the Funslopes dweller during his summer break.

Enough sleeping, Slopy! Winter is here!

We are ready for another season full of snow adventures! You too? But until we can rush through one of our 62 Funslopes, we need one more thing: SNOW! Fortunately, we know a place that never lacks snow – our Instagram and Facebook channel! There, you’ll find the latest news and coolest photos of our Funslopes!

More Stuff

On February 26th, 2020 we are looking for the photo with the highest fun factor at the Funslope Photo Quest Ehrwald!

The Matterhorn – no one can escape its fascination. Neither locals nor guests and Funslopes least of all. This winter is the first one for the Funslope Zermatt, the new Funslopes project at the most iconic peak of the Swiss Alps. This Funslope completes the all-round fun package at Matterhorn ski paradise. Join us for a ride!

Do you want to have your personal action photo? Then participate in the Funslope Photo Quest Alta Badia!

Grab your funniest outfit, put on your best smile and come to the second Funslope Photo Quest at Hochgurgl, where you can get your personal fun photo and win a cool prize!

Grab your funniest outfit, put on your best smile and come to the first Funslope Photo Quest of the season, where you can get your personal fun photo and win a cool prize!

If you’ve always wanted to have your personal action photo, then this is your chance!

On January 7th, our Funslope photographer will be waiting for you in the Audi quattro funslope in Kitzbühel in order to catch the funniest picture of the day! If you’ve always wanted to have your personal action photo, then this is your chance!

We are looking for your craziest poses, the funniest outfits and your coolest moves! You may have already expected it, now we make it official: The Funslope Photo Quest is back. This means that motivated snow adventurers once again have the chance to get professional action pics of themselves and their families done, as well as the chance to win cool prizes and a main prize of €1,000!