The Fun Mountain Turracher Höhe grows and grows

Come up, take a deep breath, pull the plug and immerse into an entirely different world. The Fun Mountain at Turracher Höhe includes a Funslope, a Snowpark, a Funcross and the Kidsslope Nocky’s WinterZeit and it keeps growing. There is broad entertainment with loads of fun and variety within the beauty of nature – from the youngest ones to the pros.

What would Turracher Höhe be without the Nocky Flitzer rollercoaster and the Slope Butler? The spectacular alpine rollercoaster gained some exciting neighbors and the ever-friendly butler, equipped with sunscreen, drinks and snacks is very likely to be seen around the ski resort.


Throughout the Funslope Turracher Höhe, banked turns, waves and small jumps are nestled into the terrain. The 8-meter-long bridge and the various snow tunnels, as well as audio elements, are definitely the new highlights on the over nearly one kilometer winding slope this season. Another eye catcher is the Speedboost – everyone who ever played Mario Kart knows what this is about – and then there’s the High-Five making a funny sound every time you slap this giant hand.

Most Funslope enthusiasts at Turracher Höhe just can’t get enough of the exclusive Double Fun Twister: a remarkable construct that keeps visitors amazed and makes the Funslope Turracher Höhe so unique. Have a glimpse at our photo gallery to see what we are talking about. Or – even better – stop by and convince yourself while filling up on some vitamin D. As the Turracher Höhe is located on the southern face of the Alps it gets many sunny hours every day. And the view across the Nockberge mountains over to the Karawanken mountain range makes your batteries fill themselves up automatically.

The tiniest Duracell-bunnies, the ones that seem to never drain, can hurtle down the Kidsslope Nocky’s WinterZeit at Turracher Höhe all day long. The Wildkopf lift sets a smooth connection run after run until the parents are back from cross-country skiing, skiing or their motor sled tour. In the evenings, the family fun continues in the ice skating rink at Lake Turracher.

Besides all these exciting activities, the Funcross Turracher Höhe will cast a spell over various adrenaline junkies. Freestylers will discover endless amounts of obstacles and lines in the Snowpark located right next to the Funslope. More information about Austria’s biggest Fun-Mountain is available at!

More Stuff

Once the temperatures are dropping, our anticipation level starts shooting up! Why? Well, because it means that the winter season 2018/19 is getting closer and closer. And there’s a lot to look forward to: Brand-new Funslopes, as well as news and changes at well-known Funslopes. This winter, you can also finally meet Slopy, our cheeky Funslope-mascot, in person. If you don’t already know where to spend your family skiing holidays, you’ll find more than enough inspiration here!

A unique snow adventure for everyone like the Funslope goes hand in hand with hard and professional work. No banked wave, tunnel or life-like Slopy figure got on the mountain itself. To build a track that´s worth being called “Funslope”, we need absolute shaping professionals. And these pros are to be found at the Shape Academy.

Once again, many votes were gathered at the grand finale of the Funslope Photo Quest. A total of fifteen photos qualified for the final voting, where they had the chance to become the Funslope picture of the year and win an unbelievable 1000€! After a really tight race Alta Badia has won the voting just like the year before.

If you think Funslopes are only built with snow groomers and lots of machine power, you’re wrong: At the end of the day, our Funslopes are all manual work. The shapers and shaperesses of the Shape Academy give every obstacle its finishing touches with the shapetool and make sure that every obstacle is in perfect conditions. That means they are working with their hands in the mountains all winter long – even when the temperatures drop below zero. And that’s exactly where our partner POW steps into the game.

There is a new wintry world enchanting skiers and snowboarders in the Ladin valley Buchenstein! The Funslope Arabba has an extra dose of fun ready for young and old. Here, you’ll even meet Slopy, the cheeky Funslope mascot! Watch this video and find out what else is awaiting you in the new Funslope Arabba!

Looking for a special snow adventure for the whole family at the 4-summit-ski-swing? At Funslope Hochwurzen you'll find everything you're looking for.